Are you using Salesforce as an Effective Coaching Tool?


The companies we have observed that are achieving great results from Salesforce CRM have quality sales management conversations. Their sales managers are able to use their dashboards to drive quality conversations with their sales people to drive high performance outcomes.

In the blog we published on 9 July "Will KPI's or KBI's drive Salesforce CRM Success?" we outlined how some companies are using KBI's (Key Behavior Indicators) to assist their sales teams to achieve desired results.

Once you have setup your KBI's this will underpin the type of conversations your sales managers will have with their people. The focus will be around what they can do to support their sales people going forward based on key measures of behaviors and the level of insight they have uncovered and captured in Salesforce CRM.

We have observed sales managers reviewing accounts and opportunities with a clear focus on what the planned Salesforce Lightning Next Steps are based on what the Past Activities were that resulted to get to the current position. With this clear focus on the future, the conversations shift to the behaviors that are required to move forward rather than just a focus on historical numbers. This results in a new relationship between the sales people and their manager. A relationship focussed on the behaviors coupled with a believe that if the behaviors are exhibited effectively, the numbers will come. This can be proved over time but require a strong commitment to move the focus in the first place.

This behavioral approach will transform the way the sales team approaches their clients, prospects and the marketplace in general. The planned tasks and activities in the Salesforce Lightning Next Steps become the critical aspect of coaching and support. With more focus on behaviors the sales team will uncover more opportunities and close more deals.

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