CRM across Sales, Marketing and Operations


CRM has traditionally been viewed as part of the sales and marketing domain however, the CRM should be seen as having the capacity to provide a significant contribution to the wider business through its application to sharing of information throughout the business.

When information isn't shared productivity of employees can be impacted.  Additionally this can cause inaccurate information, unnecessary paperwork, disconnected data sets and highly inefficient processes.

Gartner has referred to a CRM as a business strategy that optimises probability, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing customer centric processes.

CRM also has the capability to provide real benefits across the wider business as it:

  1. Supports efficient business processes to drive profitability through more productive employees

  2. Drives a more customer focused business to record and track the key customer information and makes that information available to relevant people throughout the business

  3. Supports more informed business decisions by providing managers with clearer insight of their business and customers

  4. Improves communication throughout the business though the availability of more comprehensive business information

  5. Reduces data and process duplication through the availability of a single view of the customer

When implemented effectively, CRM has the capability to support all people throughout the business (and not just sales and marketing) through effective use of data which supports improved decision making to deliver greater customer value.

Tips from John Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

1. Quality data and its management is essential for high performance results
2. Find the CRM system that works for your business and implement it to be relevant
3. Make the CRM an essential and integral element of your business' digital culture and digital transformation

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