Capturing the right insights in your CRM


The bane of any sales managers' life is getting their sales teams to update the CRM.

The next challenge is capturing the right insights.

Once salespeople see how this very action can help them, it has the highest probability of not only being done, but of being done well.

Here are 5 insights for your sales team to begin to capture:

  1. Need
    Unless there is a problem to solve, nothing else matters. This will drive the salesperson to ask better questions to uncover the current situation, why that's happening, how long the problem has been occurring, consequential problems as a result and better define the cost of the problem.
    Without a problem there is no urgency or desire to take action. Without a clearly articulated need, the best solutions and proposals will stall.

  2. Scope of the opportunity
    Once a salesperson is able to define the cost of the problem and its extent, they're better placed to determine what a solution will look like: personnel involved, interventions to be used, timeframes and possible cost of that solution.
    Being able to present the cost of the problem vs the cost of the solution and the ongoing upside of the impact of the solution strengthens any proposal.

  3. Decision maker matrix
    There is never only just one decision maker. Salespeople must capture all of those people who are key to ensuring the solution is solid at strategic, tactical and practical levels of the business. Looking beyond the solution to the roll out ensures all stakeholders are engaged, considered and consulted in the development of any solution. Each stakeholder will provide valuable insights for the salesperson to ensure a solution that will deliver lasting impact.

  4. Value
    What is the value of the solution to the prospect? This is something that must be skillfully positioned by the salesperson in such a way that the prospect can articulate the value of the solution across financial value, functional value and emotional value. Capturing this insight in a CRM enables the salesperson to build a picture of an account more fully and truly use the CRM as a sales planning tool rather than just a data/sales pipeline tool.

  5. Next steps
    Capturing next steps in the CRM sounds pretty basic, doesn't it? The reason it's important to capture this insight ensures the salesperson can keep building the right momentum, meet prospect's expectations better and enable anyone else to pick up (if ever required) in that salesperson's absence. It develops a rigour around planning for the next step as well as enterprise level selling in particular in a process and requires a strategic approach and thinking.

Tips from John Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

  1. Always look to be the solution and not part of the problem

  2. Take time to identify the real problem, not the sale

  3. Agree what success looks like and then measure the right data

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