Sales Planning - Don't put off until next year


Summer is now upon us and we tend to associate this time with the rush to the Christmas break, closing out deals, delivering on what we promise and the myriad of corporate and personal social responsibilities.  This is then usually followed by a well earned break with family and friends.

It is easy to concentrate all our efforts in closing out the year and even easier to think about a holiday in the sun but it is exactly these times to be planning for 2018.

After all "it's the early bird that catches the worm."

Essentially, this planning should include the development of a strategic plan that is supported by a set of tactics.  A strategic plan should comprise measurable goals and list of key actions that will help achieve these goals.

Build a set of tactics to achieve the goals:

  1. Allocate time to this task lock it in the diary

  2. Use the support and resources around you to develop the Plan

  3. Location is important find a quiet area with sufficient resources to support the process

  4. Have the information you require on hand (client files, financials and CRM etc) to make sure your insight is valid, you don't need to be consistently interrupted chasing up this information

  5. Focus on the task at hand don't allow yourself to be interrupted along the way

  6. The output you create should include:

  • A set of Goals

  • A clear summary of your analysis of your prospects and clients

  • Plans for key accounts

  • Territory - overview and plan

  • Identify the key sales behaviours that will have the most impact on delivering high performance

This process takes time a valuable resource most of us lack at this time of the year.  However, successful planning underpins high performance and will ultimately provide you with a focused approach and the confidence and optimism that your goals can be achieved.

Tips fromJohn Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

1. The most important step after picturing what success looks like, or the vision for your team, is the Game Plan the strategic steps that will give the team best chance of success
2. The Game Plan is broken into smaller chunks such as business plan, operational plan, daily plan & personal plan
3. Every plan is a framework which provides reference & guidelines to striving for success, but recognises realities of work & life very rarely occur according to plan.

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