Part 1: Sales Managers behaviours that drive high performance


In any organisation the sales manager role is a tough one. They are under constant pressure to achieve top line and margin results, regardless of market conditions. They are also grappling with managing a wide variety of different personalities and challenged to bring people together to operate as a high performing team.

Over the past 20 years we have worked with some very successful sales managers (we prefer to call them sales leaders) and through our Diamond Assessment for Sales Managers we have identified the top 7 behaviours that drive high performance.

These behaviours fall in to three key categories:

  1. Leading - providing the environment for people to grow and flourish

  2. Coaching - improving individual performance through infield coaching

  3. Managing - day-by-day management of the key processes and measures of success

We will share these behaviours with you over the next few months. Hopefully you will be able to use these as a means to improve your own performance as a sales leader.

The first behavior is Leading behaviour: 
Setting clear plans for the team which support company goals

The high-performance sales leader facilitates robust and formal sales planning with their team and are very clear about the sales requirements, standards, objectives and timelines they expect from everyone in their team.

They consistently communicate and model the company values and provide vision, motivation and purpose to individuals and the team as a whole.

They put in place and drive sales plans and customer plans from each team member and they lead the development of sales strategies to deliver on company objectives aligned with the company vision.

They ensure the team takes real ownership of their KPI's and be accountable for their own performance and the overall performance of the team. They set clear goals and ensure that roles are clearly understood for the individuals in the team. In short, they set the scene and create and environment to allow each person in the team to win.

Another key aspect to this behavior is fostering and encouraging an innovative environment where creativity leads to measurable and improved outcomes for the company and the customer. They understand the importance of celebrating wins and celebrating them often; they are quick to give credit where it is due.

When it comes to change, they are persistent, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks and they pursue change with energy, drive and a need to deliver; whilst remaining even-keeled regardless of the situation.

Keep a look out for the second edition in the series of "The sales management behaviours that drive high performance".

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