Part 7: The 7 key sales behaviours that drive high performance


Since February 2012, 100's of high performance B2B sales people have completed a Diamond Assessment. Over this period, we have established that there are 7 key behaviours that drive these high performers. Whilst the behaviours vary across difference industry sectors, these 7 behaviours always seem to rise to the top.

Over the past few weeks, we have revealed the first six key behaviours to provide our audience with an opportunity to crack the code on how to achieve high performance sales results. Please have a think about how consistently you undertake each behaviour in your role, and when you undertake the behaviour, how effective you are. Then, select one or two behaviours to focus on over the next two months. Make sure that you review the behaviours and plan how you will apply them each week. At the end of the week reflect on how these behaviours impacted on your performance. You will find that as your sales performance improves, the better your sales results will be.

Sometimes improving performance is a simple as focusing on and applying specific behaviours. It is not uncommon for us to see improvement in sales results of 15% to 20% quite quickly.

Here is the seventh sales behaviour, it is a Cadence (rhythm) behaviour:
"Building strong business relationships apart from personal relationships"

This behaviour is another reason why high performers achieve great results consistently. They can demonstrate purposeful relationship building; both from a business relationship perspective and where appropriate a personal relationship perspective. They adopt the concept that a good business relationship is an important facet of successful customer engagement.

They work towards understanding the personality and behavioural styles of their customer's stakeholders along with their specific wants and needs. They also work towards understanding and then setting the level of expectation of their customer's. This allows them to consistently exceed these expectations, which further improves their relationships.

They have a great ability to adjust the interaction with their customer in a way that makes the customer feel comfortable.  And they actively work towards engaging people from different disciplines and skills within the customer organisation and the discovers "what makes them tick".

Here are the Top 7 sales behaviours of the high performers:

1. Proactively leading customer conversations to develop a deep understanding of their business and situation.
2. Proactively working toward solving customer's problems through innovative ideas.
3. Articulating the value proposition to customers backed up by relevant examples.
4. Focusing on spending time with the right customers and developing relationships with a broad range of contacts across their business.
5. Working with relevant metrics to track and improve performance.
6. Gathering information from many sources and drilling down to gain a deeper understanding.
7. Building strong business relationships apart from personal relationships

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