The Task of Changing Your Way of Thinking


In October 2016, Beyond 19 Partners were invited to participate in the annual sales conference of an Australian based, blue chip manufacturer.

Business sales have traditionally been solid, however, with increased competition from both imports and niche Australian manufacturers, the ability of the business to maintain its competitive advantage was being challenged more and more each year.

The first step was to take the Team on a journey of thinking differently about the sales process to encourage each person to consider the delivery of Customer Value as the primary driver of all future actions.

The journey continued with the Team identifying exactly what they need to know in order to deliver that Value highlighting to many the breadth and depth of Insight required.

Although it may sound simple the task of changing the way one thinks about their approach to sales and customer engagement is not an easy task, however, when the changes become part of the sales persons daily routine the improvement in performance will be considerable.

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