Avoid Sales Burnout


Sales people never really pass Go.

In transactional environments, we are only as good as our last sale; and as soon as one transaction is complete, the next one is underway. And in some B2B environments, the sales cycle can be so long and complex, it is no wonder why sales people can sometimes worry that they're on a wild goose chase! It can be hard to stay on track.

Being a sales professional is a tough gig and the end of financial year brings with it more pressure to "round up" our sales activity and close off as much as possible. Achieving consistently high performance across the team throughout the year takes planning and commitment to action. Getting tired, stressed, or even just losing energy is an easy trap to fall into.

So, how can sales people fight burnout?

While the answer is simple, it doesn't make it easy to achieve.

It's consistency. Why?

Because by its very nature consistency necessitates structure, discipline, rigour and a longer-term viewpoint.

But salespeople aren't robots, and whenever people are involved there are lots of variables that can impact on how well processes and tools are used.

To avoid sales burnout, it's important to follow a few Do's and Don'ts:


  • Get overwhelmed by the "busy-ness" of your week. Eat the elephant bit by bit. Map out your week and use your time well.

  • Worry about changes to decision timeframes, decision makers moving on and other challenges that come up with larger opportunities: stick to building insight and relationships across the business

  • Forget to be present with every new customer or client. It's too easy to carry your experience over into your next interaction. Being present will help you manage and sustain your energy levels


  • Look after your physical, emotional and mental well being. Exhaustion is not conducive to excellence, nor is it synonymous with long term success.

  • Focus on the big rocks: what actions will achieve your outcomes that you can complete today, tomorrow, this week? What actions will continue to fill your pipeline with more of the right opportunities?

  • Be ruthless with your time. Use time in the car to make your calls (safely and hands free), stick to meeting times and under-promise and over-deliver commitments to action follow up. Review your week in advance and be prepared

And from one sales professional to another: good luck for the start of a new financial year!

Tips from John Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

  • Become your own best sales coach by understanding what you do to get your best results

  • Use the Do's and Don'ts as a guide to assist this process

  • Good results as Ingrid outlines is about consistency, and consistency comes from knowing what you do to get the best results

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