Part 3: Sales Managers behaviours that drive high performance


In any organisation the sales manager role is a tough one. They are constantly grappling with managing a wide variety of different personalities. They are under constant pressure to achieve top line and margin results, regardless of market conditions.

Over the past 20 years we have worked with some very successful sales managers (we prefer to call them sales leaders) and through our Diamond Assessment for Sales Managers we have identified the top 7 behaviours that drive high performance.

These behaviours fall in to three key categories:

  1. Leading - providing the environment for people to grow and flourish

  2. Coaching - improving individual performance through infield coaching

  3. Managing - day-by-day management of the key processes and measures of succes

We will share these behaviours with you over the next few months. Hopefully you will be able to use these as a means to improve your own performance as a sales leader.

The third behavior is Leading behaviour:
Knowing how the market works and being really up-to-date

High performance sale managers consistently gather information from many sources and conduct analysis that leads to deeper market/segment insight. They are able to describe in detail the issues and challenges faced by participants in key segments and sub-segments of the market.

They build internal and external networks to develop a broad knowledge of the key players, in each segment and have a good understanding of the impact new legislation or regulations are having on the market. This provides them with a deep understanding of market trends and future direction at local, regional and global levels.

This provides the high-performance sales manager with the insight to identify gaps and potential opportunities in the market. They then use this insight to assist their team to target the right type of opportunities.

They work hard to be across their competitor's latest offerings, their strategies, strengths and weaknesses and any differentiating characteristics. This insight is used to enhance value propositions and help the sales team to differentiate the solutions they are proposing.

They actively and consistently take the time to meet with strategic stakeholders to share information and they are able to communicate accurately, concisely and compellingly to a variety of audiences. They create and maintain strategic business relationships with key stakeholders across a wide variety of segments.

Keep a look out for the fourth edition in the series of "The sales management behaviours that drive high performance".

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