Small change in focus... Big shift in outcomes


You know the scenario: you have your weekly sales team meetings and each person talks about their strategy with upcoming client meetings this week, outlines their objectives for those meetings, and how they'll execute that...

Yes? No? Never, or not always?

I know, right?

But wouldn't it be good if it was the case consistently?

It can be, but I'll get to that in a moment...

What about this though: your gut is telling you that despite all of the investment in your sales team (CRM, Training, networking memberships, etc), that some people in your team are still not doing what they need to be doing in order to get the results that you know are possible?

What about the sales person who is reaching their targets, but it's because their territory is a purple patch, and they're merely an order taker (even if those orders are great). What is being left on the table by not understanding what is truly important?

Each of these scenarios talks to vital sales behaviours. Get the behaviours happening consistently at a high level, and the results are inevitable.

There are 4 key behavioural areas of high performing sales people:

1. Customer Value:
High performers describe the value their clients obtain from them in exactly the same way as their clients do. Not because they're psychic but because they have a consistent conversation that seeks to uncover it across financial, functional and emotional value.
2. Insight:
When sales people gain deeper insight across their customer, their market, their competitors and their own organization, they are far more likely to create solutions that are relevant to their clients (therefore have a greater chance of converting more sales), and reduce the risk of leaving money on the table. They know how to conduct conversations that uncover the insight they need, because they know what they're looking to discover.
3. Initiatives:
When high performing sales people present a proposal, a marketing initiative, a better process they do so not based on instinct but on insight. They can measure the potential value their initiative will bring to their own organization and to their client.
4. Cadence:
High performers are exceptional time managers. They seem to be the busiest AND the most effective. They understand the power of 80/20 rule, of planning their sales meetings with clients so the time they have with them is maximized, they know their numbers and they know what they need to do to achieve them.

So, when you have your weekly sales team meeting, start talking about the behaviours you'd like to see across those four areas. Encourage them to reflect on their previous meetings not in terms of won/lost deals, but on what could have gone better from their end (what didn't they do or not do well) and what worked? Then link it to results.

Small change in focus. Big shift in outcomes.

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