Is your CRM Configured to Deliver Value to your Sales People?


When you launched your CRM, what was the focus? Was it to provide better management reports? Or to check on what the sales team were doing? Or, measuring the activity of the sales team? Or, was it specifically configured to deliver value to the sales people?

One of the key reasons why CRM's don't deliver to expectations is they are often not configured with the sales people being the most important consideration. If the CRM delivers real value to the sales people, they will use it. If they use it, the CRM will deliver value to the business and to your customers.

Here are some things to consider when configuring your CRM (or reconfiguring it to improve the usage levels).

What insights do the sales people need to capture at Account, Contact and Opportunity levels?

Can the insights be entered via a menu (rather than being keyed in)?

What are the most appropriate sales stages, for managing opportunities, to assist the sales people to behave in a strategic rather than transactional way?

Have you mapped out a new way of working to ensure the CRM is an integrated component, rather than just another task?

Is the desired way of working clear to the sales people?

How are you going to support the sales people to transition to the new way of working?

What behaviors are you looking to drive?

What are the priority measures of performance leading indicators or lagging indicators?

Are the dashboards configured to provide the data that will drive the behaviors you are looking for?

If you can provide demonstrable value the CRM will deliver to your sales team, the usage levels and quality of data will increase exponentially. This ill have a very positive impact on your customers and the business overall.

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