Part 1: The key behaviours that drive high-performance contact centre sales people


Since May 2013, many high performance B2B contact centre sales people have completed a Diamond Assessment. These people support their external sales teams providing customer service and both inbound and outbound sales. We have established that there are 7 key behaviours that drive the high performers. The behaviours do vary across the various industry segments, however these 7 behaviours always seem to rise to the top.

Every fortnight, we will reveal one of these 7 behaviours to provide you with an opportunity review how your team members exhibit these behaviours in their roles.

To improve the performance of your team members, select a behaviour to focus on over the next couple of months. Make sure that you discuss the behaviours with your team member and plan on how they can apply them each week. At the end of the week discuss the impact these behaviours have had on their performance.

Here is the first behaviour, it is an INITIATIVES behaviour:
"Proactively working toward solving customer problems through innovative ideas."

This behaviour drives a more robust relationship with customers as the high-performance contact centre person is focussed on solving problems for their customers.

They will try to innovate where possible when it comes to meeting customer wants and needs. They will also draw on their past experiences where relevant and will often seek advice from others to come up with the right solution.

They also look at the customer's problems from all angles and treat problems as potential opportunities and not threats. They capture relevant information in the CRM and alert their external sales person colleague to keep them abreast of any customer issues that may impact on sales and the relationship.

Look out for the second sales behaviour in a couple of weeks.

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