Sales will grow when you do these three things


Growth in terms of your capacity to be, do and have more. An ongoing commitment to developing your skills, your mind, your attitude, your relationships with others, your communication what I mean.

When you think about it, it makes sense that if you're committed to this sort of growth, lots of areas of your life are going to improve.
Sales is just one of them.

After all, if you're happier, are more able to communicate with a variety of people, learn techniques to help you achieve the outcomes you desire, have more to converse about and have an abundant philosophy, how can it not also improve your ability to sell?

Your approach to such personal development can be focused and deliberate in terms of the areas you'd like to work on to improve, or become such a part of your daily routine, that the results continue to reveal themselves as part of your life.

So, what sort of personal development tools can you reach out for to improve some of the above attributes and in turn, your ability to sell?

1. Sales coaching:
Like a fitness coach for your sales skillset and mindset, it can benefit you and your team to enormously increase your capacity to learn more, learn faster and implement that learning for improved outcomes. Training is excellent, but on its own isn't going to help an individual to hone their particular areas of challenge. Personal coaching also enables individuals to practice new skills without fear of embarrassment that they may feel in a group situation, and the feedback is immediate and direct.
Using some behavioural tools, work with your coach to identify the areas that will bring you the greatest return the fastest. When you see the outcomes even seemingly small adjustments can make (especially in areas such as deepening your client insight), the value you bring will be that much greater.

2. Workshops, courses and programs:
Work with your manager or coach to list the range of outcomes you'd like to achieve so that you can find a program, facilitator and structure that will best meet your requirements. Very often your organization will run a program in-house if there are a number of people who will benefit from attending as a more cost effective investment. This also enables you to ask the workshop facilitator to design a program tailored to your business: any organization that specializes in this area will take the time to consult with you to ensure you get the maximum learning possible, and that the learning is transformed into improved thinking and behaviour.

3. Daily Rituals:
High achievers are able to maintain a consistently high level of performance: how do they do that though? It comes down to planning, and rhythm. Do you know whom you're targeting and why? That's the only way you'll know the best strategy to achieve it. Plan it. Map it out. Then take action. Plan the night before for the day ahead. Visualize the day you want and your goals being achieved. Creating a daily ritual for yourself will set you up to be ready to receive, have more energy to achieve what you'd like to achieve and be present for the people in your life which enhances the quality of your relationships.

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