Part 5: Sales Managers behaviours that drive high performance


In any organisation the sales manager role is a tough one. They are under constant pressure to achieve top line and margin results, regardless of market conditions. They are also grappling with managing a wide variety of different personalities and challenged to bring people together to operate as a high performing team.

Over the past 20 years we have worked with some very successful sales managers (we prefer to call them sales leaders) and through our Diamond Assessment for Sales Managers we have identified the top 7 behaviours that drive high performance.

These behaviours fall in to three key categories:

  1. Leading - providing the environment for people to grow and flourish

  2. Coaching - improving individual performance through infield coaching

  3. Managing - day-by-day management of the key processes and measures of success

We have shared 4 of these behaviours with you over the past few weeks, there are 3 more to come. Hopefully you will be able to use these as a means to improve your own performance as a sales leader.

The fifth behaviour is Managing behaviour:
Using insight as a feeder for clear thinking and problem solving

The high-performance sales manager conceives ways to leverage data to identify sales potential and improve the customers experience to drive growth.  They solve problems by utilising the best available insight and support resources and they use supporting data effectively when attempting to make an argument or convince others to implement initiatives.

They consistently demonstrate sound information analysis and interpretation and are able to take comprehensive data from many sources, validate it, and quickly distil the information, determining what is appropriate at any given time to positively impact results.  

They are always critically assessing processes, practices and programs in an effort to identify potential improvement opportunities.

Keep a look out for the sixth edition in the series of "The sales management behaviours that drive high performance".

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