6 Sales Manager tips to finish off the year well and get the next year off to a good start


As we hurtle towards the end on the financial year there are a few things you can do, as a sales manager, to make sure you finish the year of well and be well positioned to have a good Q1.

We have seen many teams pull out all stops to get across the line, only to find themselves exhausted and not setup for the next year. Then they play catch-up for sometimes 6 months only to experience the same problem the following year.

Here are a few things you can do to finish the year off strongly and get off to a good start for the 2017/2018 financial year.

  1. Set realistic goals to be achieved prior to June 30

  2. Use valid insight to set realistic goals.
    -If your insight is not valid the likelihood of achieving the goals is low (at best)

  3. Conduct value delivered reviews with your customers. This will help you setup next year as key insights will be uncovered through this process that tend to uncover new opportunities.

  4. Don't radically force a change of behaviour of your sales people (e.g. if you move from a strategic approach to a aggressive transitional approach to get deals done quick), as it will confuse the customer and may have a negative impact on your relationship.

  5. Plan activities and set clear expectations of your team. Conduct weekly (if not daily) hurdles to make sure they are all on track.

  6. Make sure every salesperson in your team allocates at least half a day each week to work on and progress sales opportunities and strategies that will have a positive impact on Q1 and Q2 of the next financial year.

Tips from John Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

  • The end of any sales period provides a great opportunity to speak with your team to understand how the result was achieved so you can plan for improvement for the next period.

  • Celebrate those actions and behaviours, individually and collectively that produced good results for the business.

  • Each year's Game Plan must be part of the review process to not only deal with the present results, but also look to the future to review if the plans, processes and systems are tracking in the right direction.

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