How To Be Relevant to Really Busy People


With the world changing at an ever increasing rate, the struggle for us to remain relevant in business is one of the greatest challenges.  People now have greater choices and opportunities and have far more distractions, whether they be the endless internal meetings or the tidal wave of emails that clog our inbox.

The loss of relevance for a business can be devastating, you only need to look at the demise of Kodak and Blackberry smartphones or the constant struggle for the taxi industry as it faces increasing competition from the ride sharing industry.

In the business world, 'relevance' is the sense of the connectedness between the business and its customer.  We know we are relevant when customers openly engage with us, they respond to our calls and emails and even seek advice on business matters.

Unfortunately, we cannot always control the level of relevance we have with our customers, however, there are number of areas that will assist:

Effective Communication:

  • There are no shortage of ways to communicate and we need to be flexible - to connect in a manner which our customers want to connect - not how it suits us.

Be aware of your customer's market place:

  • Your customers are heavily influenced by the markets in which they operate. Discussions around these markets will elevate the level of your conversation with the customer and will quickly move you away from a 'transactional seller'.

Understand what really drives the Customer:

  • The broader and deeper the Insight you have of your customer (not just the areas that relate to your product or service), the greater the chance you have of positioning your offering to clearly resonate with your customer.

Clearly link your products and services to customer requirements:

  • To remain relevant, you must be able to clearly articulate how your products and services will address your customer's broader requirements and how they will have a competitive advantage over your competition. This should include, not only the benefits, but also 'cover off' the costs to your customer of engaging with your business.

In essence, to achieve and maintain relevance with your customer you need to consistently articulate and deliver real Value to your customer.

Tips from John Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

  1. To remain relevant and of value, stay ahead of the game; know where it has been, know where it is now and be proactive about where it is going.

  2. Educate your customer about the changes impacting their industry or sector; and if they are 'in-tune' with their industry or sector, provide insights from other industries and sectors that may be beneficial.

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