How to exponentially improve sales management – Part 1


After analyzing hundreds of sales teams over the past few years we uncovered a consistent pattern that drives high performance – the competency of the sales manager.

In this nine-part blog, we will reveal the high-ranking behaviors of high-performance sales managers.

The first group of behaviors fall under the heading of ‘Leading Behaviors’, these behaviors set the scene for the sales team and ensure everyone is crystal clear of what is expected and how to go about their sales role.

The first Leading Behavior is…

Setting it up for others to win:

·       Fostering a culture of openness, accountability and fairness

·       Celebrating wins and celebrating them often - quick to give credit where it is due

·       Actively embracing and implementing change

·       Leading change through collaboration and active participation, aligning people and processes to achieve the desired outcomes

·       Fostering and encouraging an innovative environment where creativity leads to measurable and improved outcomes

·       Remaining even-keeled when times are tough - handles stress well  

·       Creating a social setting that facilitates confidence, cohesion and climate of co-operation and trust

·       Being persistent, especially in the face of resistance, setbacks or previous failures

·       Pursuing everything with energy, drive and a need to deliver

If you can exhibit this behavior with your sales team it will provide an environment for your sales people to perform.

Look out for the second Leading Behavior in a couple of weeks. If you would like to learn more, drop me a line; or call me on +61 419 879 699.

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