The more accurate your insight is the more opportunities you uncover.

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Recently we have reviewed the customer insights our key clients have uncovered over the past quarter. An interesting pattern has emerged…

 For companies that have new people joining the sales team or those who have moved sales people from one territory to another; the breadth and depth of client insight has increased substantially. We delved into this to find out why.

 It turns out that with a fresh set of non-prejudiced eyes, new conversations are had with clients and these conversations uncovered significant insight that has created new opportunities. Sounds simple, but why didn’t the previous sales people uncover these opportunities? They had good relationships and had worked with these clients sometimes for many years.

The problem is they had prejudices with their perceptions of the client (filtered perceptions), so they didn’t ask the right questions because they thought they already had the answers – which clearly, they didn’t.

So, what can you do about this? It’s quite simple:

1.     Determine the insights that are critical (the insights that will assist you to deliver real value to your clients)

2.     Check-in with your key clients; if you think you have the insight, validate it (sometimes this results in a new conversation)

3.     If you don’t have the insight – have a conversation with the client

4.     Make sure the conversation is purely focused on uncovering the insight (do not “sell” to them – that will come later)

5.     Review the insight and develop some initiatives that will add value to the client and your company

6.     Present the initiatives including the value you believe the client will derive if they move forward with you

The more validated insight you have makes it much easier to anticipate the client’s next moves, what decisions they will make and why they will make them. You can then look forward with confidence and will position you way ahead of your competitors.

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