Planning - A Key Sales Behaviour


We often hear how busy everyone is and we all acknowledge that face to face meetings are the best way to build the relationships and gather deep insights required to close transactions.

However, the problems in arranging the meetings are many and varied:

  1. Clients and Prospects always seem to have 'back to back' meetings.

  2. People receive so many emails they often don't even open your email or when they do open it they fail to respond to your request to meet.

  3. More and more is left to fewer so clients and prospects are often living in the 'here and now' calls are vetted often with the only calls answered being those that directly impact the issues are that are most important to the receiver at that time.

We encounter these issues regularly and ultimately there is no perfect solution as each person reacts differently and their behaviours will be dependent upon the situation at the time.

However, to reduce the impact of these challenges, we have found the high performing sales and customer engagement people typically display the following behaviours:

  1. Ensuring that there is a clear objective for the meeting

  2. Being able to articulate the benefit of the meeting to prospect / client

  3. Future meetings are often locked in at the conclusion of the current interaction whether it me a phone call or a meeting

  4. For 'high potential prospects and clients' a plan for continued future interaction whether they be calls or meetings is developed and agreed. A recurring meeting plan (eg monthly client meeting is then created and locked into the diary schedule.

  5. Planning one to weeks ahead which reduces the incidence of the client / prospect being unavailable.

These suggestions may seem simplistic, however, in our hectic schedules, it is often the basic behaviours that are most often neglected!

Tips from John Buchanan, Beyond 19, Coaching Practicing Lead:

  • Appointments are simply part of the Game Plan

  • Know the Game plan first, and then look at how this is delivered through daily, or regular meetings as part of the Set Plays to creating the winning day

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