Part 6: The key behaviours that drive high-performance contact centre sales people


Since May 2013, many high performance B2B contact centre sales people have completed a Diamond Assessment. These people support their external sales teams providing customer service and both inbound and outbound sales.

We have established that there are 7 key behaviours that drive these high performers. The behaviours do vary across the various industry segments; however these 7 behaviours always seem to rise to the top.

The first behaviour we presented was an INITIATIVES behaviour:
"Proactively working toward solving customer problems through innovative ideas."

The second behaviour was a CADENCE behaviour:
"Demonstrating resilience to the barriers and issues that could negatively impact on the delivery of value both internally and externally."

The third behaviour was an INSIGHT behaviour:
"Looking for the real answers from customers by asking appropriate questions and observing their actions."

The fourth behaviour was a CUSTOMER VALUE behaviour:
"Proactively working towards mutual value for the customer and your organisation."

The fifth behaviour was an INSIGHT behaviour:
"Taking a balanced view of information and using multiple sources to validate this information."

The sixth behaviour is a CADENCE behaviour:
"Appropriately planning and prioritising what you do in your role."

The high performers are people who think well beyond today; they like to plan their customer interactions in advance, making sure they use their insight to develop a plan for the interaction. They have a clear set of defined objectives and have a specific next step action for their customers.

They make lists and work out what things are more important than others, they don't get trapped by prioritising tasks purely based on urgency.

The high performers like to set plans in concrete and then re-prioritise when things need to change.

Look out for the seventh sales behaviour in a couple of weeks.

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