Coaching - The Challenge for Sales Managers

With the continuing paradigm of 'more being asked from fewer' - a key challenge for Sales Managers these days is that they are expected to not only lead and manage their Team but also to a Coach and confidant of each team member.

Sales Managers are asked to wear multiple hats to cover such a broad range and complexity of responsibilities.

There are several issues that arise when the inclusion of the coaching responsibilities are included into the Sales Manager function:

1. The Sales Manager needs to add numerous behaviors to their daily activity these behaviors include being supportive, providing regular feedback, reassuring, encouraging, supportive and empathetic with all Team members.

2. The additional behaviors required for a more non-directive style of communication requires the Sales Manager to develop skills and a different mindset to undertake these behaviors.

3. The Sales Manager is required to navigate multiple roles moving constantly from the more directive behaviors in leading and managing the team and its individual team members to the facilitative behaviors required to coach each team member.  

To be successful, a Sales Manager needs to develop specific behaviors, skills and mindset.  The development and embedding of these attributes are further complicated by the multiple demands on senior executives and Learning and Development teams that are required to support the Sales Manager through this journey.

As a result, many organisations are now looking outside their 'own four walls' to support their Sales Managers whether it be direct expert support from those with previous experience or through the use of technology frameworks, pathways and support for coaching conversations delivered via the organisation's existing management and sales technology platforms.