CRM Adoption - The Impact of the Sales Manager


When it comes to sales teams, it is widely acknowledged that using the tools and resources available to them will ultimately lead to higher performance.

The Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is one such key sales resource as it is proven to add value to the sales team from the prospecting stage right through to providing ongoing value to its customer base.

However, adoption of the CRM remains a challenge to many businesses. Sales Managers are integral to the uptake and ongoing adoption of the CRM their key focus should be to drive the right behaviors within their team in order to achieve the right results.

So how can Sales Managers drive a greater use of CRM?

Firstly, the business should focus on supporting the Sales Manager so that they are adequately equipped to drive CRM adoption.

When implementing a CRM system, relaunching the existing system or simply changing the processes around the CRM we recommend you consider concentrating your efforts on the Sales Manager in particular:

  1. Ensure the Sales Managers have a clear understanding of how to record activities and Opportunities in the CRM

  2. Support the Sales Managers to have a comprehensive understanding of Dashboards and Reports in the CRM so they can then use these to support future communication with their Team

  3. Sales Meetings and One on One Meetings should be based on the information contained in the CRM via the reports generated

  4. Forecasting should be based on information in the CRM

  5. Planning should be based on the Opportunity Plans and Account Plans contained within the CRM

A business cannot expect its sales people to embrace the CRM if its senior and middle management are not truly invested in it as well.

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