Effective Sales Managers - Part 2


In our last blog regarding effective sales managers we identified the need for businesses to support their middle management in particular sales managers.

To this end it is widely acknowledged that many sales managers should be enhancing the sales behavioral competencies of their team through a combination of Leading, Coaching and Managing their teams.  Our previous blog identified the key 'leading' behaviors required of sales managers.

Coaching behaviors are no less important and although there is often a lot spoken and written about this topic we still often see a lack of real sales coaching due to a combination of time constraints (managers have the intent to coach ) and a lack of understanding of what is actually required to be an effective coach.

Some 'coaching' behaviors that are overlooked are:

1. Actively working with team members to not only assist team members develop their areas for improvement but also develop their strengths as it will be these areas of strength that underpin high performance

2. Helping team members develop proactive initiatives that actually deliver value to the customer and their own organization

3. Assisting team members to identify and then clearly articulate the value they can deliver to a prospective customer this will assist each team member to differentiate themselves from their competition, many of whom will simply be highlighting the features of their products and services

4. Providing hands on coaching after seeing what is happening "in the field" this can only be done when the manager actually goes on joint calls which is often the first initiative dropped due to time constraints of the manager

5. Being aware of each person's drivers and how they communicate with others.

All of these behaviors are selfless in nature, requiring the sales manager to often step out of their comfort zone and view the world through eyes of their team members.

In world where 'busy' is the new norm this is not always easy to execute!!