Improving Win Rates


Most Sales Managers will have had a sales person in their team that gets along with their Customers, is always busy, has an extensive Opportunity Funnel but never seems to close the deals.

The common response is often "well they are just no good at closing!"  Whilst this may be true, we often see a number of other causes that should be addressed far earlier in the life of the Opportunity.  This can include:

  1. The sales person is not across the real issues of the customer

  2. Through the lack of insightful conversations the customer cannot see the real value in moving from their current position

  3. The sales person has provided a "potential solution" too early, resulting in the customer not seeing the value it can really deliver

These may all sound rather simplistic, however as we all become busier and busier, the temptation to progress an Opportunity outside the natural sequential steps as all too tempting.

Managers and their sales teams should ensure that the sales tools available, such as CRM, are leveraged to assist the discipline and collaboration required to progress the Opportunities.

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