How high performers adapt their sales behaviors to market conditions - Part 2


A preview of the Diamond Sales Behavior Benchmark Study

We have been assessing B2B sales behaviors for a number of years and this year we will release our first sales behavior benchmark report.

Here are some preview highlights across three segments:

1. Manufacturing

2. Media

3. Wholesale Distribution (with Brand)


The manufacturing segment has been under pressure in Australia for many years, but we are seeing the emergence of advanced manufacturing that is leading the world in some sectors.

We have seen consistent improvement in Cadence (business rhythm) and Customer Value over the past three years. This is driven by the change of focus to adapt to new and emerging segments. Whilst Insight and Initiatives have improved, these behaviors went backwards before increasing again. This was also driven by moving into new areas.
The managers perceptions of their sales people had also improved over the past three years but follow the same trend of Cadence and Customer Value taking precedence over Insight and Initiatives.

Top Performers Behaviors

The highest-ranking behaviors of the top performers in this segment are focused on responding to the ever-changing needs of their customers. There is an emphasis on taking a partnering approach and working toward becoming a trusted advisor, as customers are requiring greater levels of advice to keep up with market changes. Insight gathering from multiple sources was also a key area of focus for the highest performers.


The media segments have significantly changed due to the impact that digital has had over the past decade. The self-assessments indicate that Cadence is a significant driver of behavior as sales people require consistent and relevant coverage across a wide range of stakeholders. It is interesting to note that there hasn't been a significant shift across insight behaviors over the period.
The perception of the managers across the cadence behaviors has aligned with the perceptions of the sales people, particularly over the past two years.
This is the only segment where the managers are rating the consistency and effectiveness of behaviors at a higher level than the sales people rate themselves. This may be due to the continued ambiguity in these segments as products and services are rapidly changing.

Top Performers Behaviours

The top performers are focused on behaviors that fit with this very deadline driven segment. They see insight gathering from many sources as critical and problem solving through innovative solutions is also a focus. There is a significant gap in performance between the top performers and their "high performing" peers.

Wholesale Distribution (with Brand)

The wholesale distribution (with brands) segment is reinventing itself as traditional channels are not performing to previous levels. They are exploring how to deal with online channels and new entrant retailers.
The self-assessed data indicates that coverage and the delivery of customer value is still a key focus for sales people in this segment, however the levels have declined slightly over the past three years as more emphasis is being placed on insight.
There has been a steady improvement in behaviors from the managers perception over the past three years as more emphasis is placed on focusing on where the potential lies for the future across existing and new customers and channels. There is also more pressure being applied from no-name imports and global pricing alignment.

Top Performers Behaviours

The top performers in this segment have a focus on quickly responding to the changing needs of their customers by taking a proactive approach to leading discussions around the changes taking place in the market and how that is affecting their channel partner customers. There is also more focus on developing business relationships over the past approach of taking a more personal relationship approach.

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