Resources assisting sales coaching

"Targets have increased, market conditions are tougher than ever, and my resources haven't improved from last year" sound familiar?? This is a conversation held in offices of sales managers throughout the country.

There are however a number of resources available to the sales manager that are consistently available but often under-utilized. 

Create Teams

By the nature of their role, most sales people prefer to be with others and in fact, energize each other.  Collaboration is often a term used in the product development space but sales and customer engagement are still very much a 'lone wolf' role.  Consider the value having two people at customer meetings or challenging each other on major Accounts and Opportunities.

Socialize the Right Behaviors

The repetitive voice of the Sales Manager often loses its impact therefore use Sales Meetings as an opportunity for team members to share their experiences around sales behaviors not just their wins but also what behaviors they are working to improve performance.

Mentoring Team Members

A typical sales team varies in competencies whether it be sales behaviors, product expertise, industry networks and knowledge or even the ability to build rapport leverage these strengths and differences by getting team members to 'buddy up' and mentor each other.

Use of Technology

Technology is now employed in every part of the sales cycle, especially through the implementation of comprehensive and sophisticated CRM systems such as  The high performing sales managers embrace these systems, learn how they will add value to each team member and then lead the embedding of the system into the daily cadence of the team.

With so much required of sales managers it is the high performing sales managers that leverage these resources they invest the initial time and energy to embed these practices and then build a level of accountability over time that drives higher performance.