Sales Managers Supporting a More Effective Cadence


The role of sales manager is a complex one on one hand you are expected to Lead from the front and on other, coach and support team members who are often facing customer objections and rejections.

The temptation to step in and 'do the job' for their team members is a constant for sales managers especially where the team members are relatively inexperienced.  The need to lead from the front and assist team members especially when objections arise or the opportunity is due close is just as much a part of the sales manager's role.

However, we often see sales managers drawn into 'taking over' the deal rather than supporting the sales person through the process. 

Furthermore, the importance of the sales manager stepping back and assisting the sales person far earlier in the process cannot be understated.  By helping them allocate their time better and in particular spending time with the customers, prospects and channel partners based on the potential to purchase will assist the sales members to achieve a higher level of effectiveness as they will be far more aligned to their customers . 

Whilst simple in theory, sales people are faced with so many distractions that focusing on the opportunities based on potential can be very difficult to maintain.  It is here that the effective sales manager should work with each sales person to ensure that they are allocating their time according to potential rather than on the other distractions.

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