Setup Your Way of Working to Improve Salesforce CRM Performance


What did you do to update your way of working when you implemented Salesforce CRM?

We have seen many implementations of Salesforce CRM fail to meet the original objectives because there was no change to the way of working for the sales team other than "you now have to use Salesforce".

If you think about it logically, the chance of success is pretty low if you just add a layer of new work to existing ways of working.

The best examples we have seen of successful Salesforce CRM adoption is when the way of working for the sales team has Salesforce intrinsically embedded. Simple changes such as allocating planning time and time straight after client meetings to update insight and set next actions can have a big impact on the adoption and success of Salesforce.

To update your way of working, setup a process map with rows including:

  • Clients

  • Sales people

  • Sales managers

  • Senior managers

  • Customer support

  • Marketing

  • Salesforce and tools (including measurement)

The create your value chain and use these as the columns, these might include:

  • Segmentation and Marketing

  • Territory Plan

  • Account segmentation

  • Gather insight

  • Develop initiatives

  • Deliver projects

  • Measure value delivered

Then map the process you believe will provide the best way to market for the sales team. Then it's all about implementing your new way of working.

If you would like to have a chat about creating a new way of working to drive Salesforce CRM performance, please drop me a line:

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