Start the New Year with a Review of your CRM


The new year provides many of us with a chance to reflect on the what we have achieved and the preferred direction for 2019.  As part of this, all sales people should take some time to review how their Customer Relationship Management system has been used and the small changes that will provide greatest value throughout 2019.  As part of this we recommend:

1. Review your Accounts are all accounts correctly listed in the CRM and allocated to you?  Consider having the ability to highlight those Accounts that not only that made the most revenue for the business in 2018 but also those accounts that have the potential to increase revenue in 2019.  Consider then what you need to do to maximise the potential of those Accounts

2. Ensure that all major Contacts are correctly set up in your CRM where possible allocate those Contacts to the appropriate Accounts and Opportunities.  For each Contact consider what you need to need to advance that relationship in 2019 after all, stronger relationships build greater trust which underpins future business development.

3. All Opportunities should be recorded into the CRM.  For each Opportunity, review the current status does that status truly reflect the potential for that Opportunity to close?  Consider the issues impacting the client, whether your proposed solutions address those issues and whether the client can adequately align your solutions so that they understand where value will be delivered.

4. Review the reporting and dashboards do they actually assist you in making decisions or are they simply a reflection of where you have been?  If change is required determine how to best implement the new dashboards and reports as assistance may be required.

5. Review how you access the CRM are you taking full advantage of its mobility features mobile and tablet Apps etc, synchronisation with other systems and even voice recognition capabilities.  All of these are designed to making the systems easier to use.

Take advantage of what is for many of us a slightly slower time of the year as making a few simple amendments to how you set up and use a CRM can make a significant change to the value you derive from these resources.

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