Technology and the Sales Manager


Technology as a resource to sales management is increasing in relevance every year.

Technology in the Sales Manager's world is following much the same path as that previously taken by the mobile phone.  It's not that long ago that most people used their mobile phone for calls and texts, however they also needed a paper diary, a camera to take pictures and accessed the internet via their desktop / laptop computer.  Over the past 10 years these have all been brought together to comprise the very device that so many of us would struggle to survive without!!

In the world of the Sales Manager, data was often located in numerous internal systems - Finance, Sales (often spreadsheets), hard copy customer files and other various internal information systems.  The result was a disparate array of information that rarely gave a single customer view, nor a true reflection of the behaviors or the performance of each sales person.

Advances in technology have now enabled all this data to reside in one system accessible in many different forms - 24/7.  These systems now enable data to be automatically uploaded from both internal and external systems.

Combined with this, these systems are now powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing virtually endless scope to the insight you can glean from the data systems can in fact use live data changes to predict areas of opportunity and risks facing the business.

The ultimate result is that, like never before, the sales manager, now has the resources to support their efforts to drive higher performance through improved behaviors of each team member.

The real challenge now is for the business to support the sales managers to embrace the technology, so it supports the essence of their role leading, managing and coaching their sales team.

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