The 7 secret habits of B2B sales high performers - Part 2


Over the many years we have worked with high performing sales people we have always been interested in what sets them apart from their colleagues. How are they able to sell much higher volumes at higher margins?

We discovered that the big difference is the way they think and behave - this creates the good habits that set them apart.

Secret Sales Habit 2

Be in the right place at the right time.

It's uncanny how many times it appears that a high performer is in the right place at the right time, is it luck?

Absolutely not! High performers look at their customers and prospects a little differently to the rest; they look at them through the lens of future potential. This then drives their behaviour to plan their time to make sure that they realise the potential they have discovered.

Of course this requires a deeper level of insight (we will cover this in a future habit), but once potential is understood it is easy to cover your territory in a consistent and effective manner. We call this good cadence (or rhythm).

The way they determine potential of any customer or prospect is to firstly set up the criteria, this may include:

  • The size of the company and your current share of wallet

  • The health and trend of segments they operate in

  • Their values

  • The strength of their client base

  • The quality of their people

  • Their plan for growth (and whether they are implementing the plan)

  • Their ability to compete against traditional and new competitors

Once they have set the criteria, it is then an exercise to score each customer/prospect against the criteria. The higher the score, the greater the potential.

The final step is to set up the contact cycle to drive good cadence. This might be once per month of the highest potentials, once every second month for the next level, once a quarter for the thirsd level and annually for the lowest level.

We have conducted this exercise with our clients over many years, and this one strategy has been a significant contributor to growth. It has also assisted sales people with 100+ accounts to plan and deliver on great cadence to improve their coverage and consistency and be in the right place at the right time more often.

Have a look at your current approach to how you plan and manage your customers and prospects; have a think about the criteria you would use to identify potential. Then score your customers/prospects and see how each one stacks up. Finally set yourself a consistent contact cycle to spend more time with your higher potentials. Maybe you can improve your performance by by being in the right place at the right time.

Look out for the 7 secrets of high performers - part 3 in two weeks.


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