The 7 secret habits of B2B sales high performers - Part 4


Over the many years we have worked with high performing sales people we have always been interested in what sets them apart from their colleagues. How are they able to sell much higher volumes at higher margins?

We discovered that the big difference is the way they think and behave - this creates the good habits that set them apart.

Secret Sales Habit 4

Deliver real value to customers measured in their terms.

High performers have learned over the years that the way to develop strong, long lasting business relationships is to deliver real value to their customers. This drives relevance, loyalty, share of wallet and referrals.

Delivering value all starts with insight, the more insight you have, the easier it is to deliver value. The better the insight the better understanding you will have of what your customer really needs (not just what they want).

High performers build their sales plan based on the value they can deliver, and how the value would be measured by their customer. The key is to understand how your customer measures their business and then use those metrics when working with your customer to develop a case for the value you believe you can deliver to them.

A critical component is to review the value delivered after a project is completed or when it's in progress. This provides you with an opportunity to prove and leverage from the actual value you deliver or address any issues if the value is not being realized.

There are three measures of value:

1. Financial

2. Functional

3. Emotional/Relationship

Financial value is all about how much money you can save your customer and how much you can make for them.

Functional value is about efficiencies and time saving. Functional value should be able to be measures financially at some stage. If you can save your customer time, what will they do with that time? And what value is derived by what they did with the time you saved them.

Emotional/Relationship value is all about trust. The trust your customer has in your ability to deliver what you promised, and how you go about rectifying the situation when things go wrong. A customer with high levels of emotional/relationship value sleeps well at night because they trust in your ability to deliver.

The value equation is: Value = Benefits Cost. Have a think about the value your customers would say you deliver. Review your current proposals to test if the value you believe you can deliver is well articulated. Set up value delivered reviews with some of your customers to test how well you are performing in their eyes.

Look out for the 7 secrets of high performers - part 5 in two weeks' time.

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