The 7 secret habits of B2B sales high performers - Part 5


Over the many years we have worked with high performing sales people we have always been interested in what sets them apart from their colleagues. How are they able to sell much higher volumes at higher margins?

We discovered that the big difference is the way they think and behave - this creates the good habits that set them apart.

Secret Sales Habit 5

Create innovative customer initiatives.

High performers develop solutions for their customers based on deep insight and a clear view of the value they can deliver, measured in the customer's terms.

Here is a process that high performers use to develop innovative initiatiatives that will set you apart from the pack:

Step 1

Clearly articulate the customer's key issues that you are trying to address.

Step 2

Figure out what impact these issues are having on the customer's business and the consequences they might face if the issues weren't addressed effectively.

Step 3

Set your objectives: What do you want to achieve for the customer from this initiative? What do you want to achieve for your company from this initiative? These are the measures of success.

Step 4

Identify the causes of the customer's issues.

Step 5

Bainstorm alternative solutions/ideas with a colleague. Don't hold back, don't discuss just capture ideas.

Step 6

Review the ideas by looking at each one from the perspective of upsides, downsides and risks for the customer and your company. Discard those that do not make the grade. You will then see some that will cluster to the initiative.

Step 7

Name your initiatives and develop the steps you will need to take to implement it along with responsibilities and deadlines.

Finally, review steps 4 back to 1 to ensure you have addressed the issues and you are confident that the initiavtive will deliver to your objectives (step 3).

Try this approach when you are developing an initative for a customer, our experience shows that the initiatives created using this approach are more innovative and have a higher success rate.

Look out for the 7 secrets of high performers - part 6 in two weeks' time.

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