The 7 secret habits of B2B sales high performers - Part 6


Over the many years we have worked with high performing sales people we have always been interested in what sets them apart from their colleagues. How are they able to sell much higher volumes at higher margins?

We discovered that the big difference is the way they think and behave - this creates the good habits that set them apart.

Secret Sales Habit 6

Be in the market not just selling into it.

High performers carve out time to gain a deep understanding of the market segments their customers participate in. They spend time to identify the key segment players by connecting people and participating in industry events and networks. Once they connect with key players they work on their cadence to ensure they have consistent contact. They also develop ways of bringing value to the relationship so the connections value these interactions.

Becoming part of the industry their custorers participate in, truly sets them apart from their competitors. They can elevate their conversations to a whole new level with their clients and prospects by leveraging from their deep market insight. This provides them with a forward view of what the key stakeholders are thinking and allows them to be part of the solution not just another rep trying to sell products and services.

Their clients and prospects gravitate to them as they are interested in the opinion of the high performer when it comes to segment trends. They reveal insight that they would normally keep close to their chest; this provides a significant competitive advantage to the high performer and provides them with a predictable pipeline of higher value opportunities.

Have a think about the level of market insight you have; do you understand how global and regional economic conditions will impact on your customers? What is in the pipeline for leglislation and regulations that may impact your customers? How are mergers and acquisitions going to impact the segment? What impact will commodity prices have if they rise or fall?

Most companies we have worked with have a good level of market insight collectively, the challenge is how this insight can be shared and interpreted to assist with increasing the level of engagement in the marketplace, customers and prospects.

Look out for the 7 secrets of high performers - part 7 in two weeks' time.

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