Will KPI's or KBI's Drive Salesforce CRM Success?


We have observed a pattern of recent times when reviewing Salesforce CRM take up and success for B2B companies.

The companies we observed that are achieving superior ROI from Salesforce have a different approach to how they measure their sales teams.

Their focus is on measuring the behaviors that drive results rather than just the results themselves. Many have transitioned away from KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and have adopted KBI's (Key Behaviors Indicators). This has resulted in a positive response from the sales people as the KBI's are all about helping them achieve their targets through superior coaching and support.

The sales managers also respond well as they, often for the first time, have a clear understanding of what it really takes to achieve sustainable sales performance success.

If you would like to transition to KBI's, the first step is to identify the sales Behaviors that drive success in your business and then determine how these could be measured in Salesforce. Once this has been established the cadence (or rhythm) of sales leaderships needs to be established to ensure that consistent reviews and coaching are in place to drive performance.

If you would like to learn more about how to identify the right behaviors for driving success in your business, drop me a line; tony.hjall@beyond19.com.au or go to our website: www.beyond19.com.au

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